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Is It Church Yet?
Rev. Robert Smith, Jr.

I am from a clan of preachers and pastors. I haven't known myself as anything but a preacher.  From the time I was old enough to know what my Daddy was, I have tried to be just that, a preacher. As my eight year old grandson, Joshua would say at age 5 when people would ask if he was going to be a preacher, he would reply, "I've been preaching, I do funerals and everything, I even put one in the ground." So, I've seen the church from the inside out as I tagged onto my father every moment, I possible could, from church meetings to revivals, and today I am 62. So, I have had a long look at what we call church. We encourage you to read this book and see the church as a focus on slavery, civil rights, voting rights, black pride and church productions.  The world is asking and waiting for the church of Matthew 16:18, "And I say unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Compiled and Edited by Cynthia P. Smith
Lophilbo Productions
Phillip Smith, Publisher.
Harlo Printing, Highland Park, MI 2014

Tragedy, Trial, Triumph
Rev. Robert Smith, Jr.

In Tragedy, Trial, Triumph, I hope to encourage every Christian to endure the cycle because it is a cycle and encourage every pastor in transition to new work to be patient and prayerful through the cycle. Time is on your side.  “for they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength” Isaiah 40:31.  It is true that “All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord” and you can’t have some of all.  So, no matter how it’s looks or hurt, it’s all for your good and you will come out a winner at the finishing line.  You need to know the cycle and more importantly you need to trust God. 

Compiled and Edited by Cynthia P. Smith,Evelyn Holmes
Lophilbo Productions
Phillip Smith, Publisher

Harlo Printing, Highland Park, MI 2007 First Edition, 2014 Second Edition

In the Shadow of C. L. Franklin
Rev. Robert Smith, Jr.

Many historical personalities have lived in the shadow of great men:  Harry Truman lived in the shadow of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Lowery in the shadow Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Hank Aaron in the shadow of Babe Ruth.  I can relate to that condition because for over a decade I have ministered “In the shadow of C. L. Franklin.”  This book tells the story of one that came prepared my God to work “In the Shadow.”

First Edition Compiled and Edited by Dr. Michael P. Williams of Joy Tabernacle, Houston, Texas 1995.  
Second Edition Edited by Cynthia P. Smith 2014
Lophilbo Productions
Phillip Smith, Publisher
Harlo Printing, Highland Park, MI 2007

Just Let Me Tell You"
The Life Journey of Cynthia Perkin Smith

Listen! Learn! Live with new knowledge, personal power, and refreshing relevance as Cynthia Perkins Smith tells the Greatest News from one of the greatest hearts ever---- her own!  Full of insights from 37 years as a wife, 35 years as a mother, and a life time as a Christian, the bountiful blessings will be yours when you break open this autobiography and begin to hear the voice of God speak to you through one of His children.
Read this book now and reap a harvest forever!

Conderidge Robert Smith, M. DIV. Cynthia Son, Author of Gems for Genesis, Pastor, teacher, and founder of Ace the A.C.T.
Printed by Morris Publishing, Kearney, NE 2010

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