What is the Meaning of Mission in Haiti?

By Rev. Robert Smith, Jr. |  December 2, 2013

What is the Meaning of Mission in Haiti?

I have been going to Haiti for ten years, going as many as ten times a year, 
staying from one to 12 days at a time. I have introduced Haiti to many, by 
having them go with me and play a role in the mission. 

There are as many as 48,000 people in Haiti on any given day that are registered 
with the American Embassy and most don't register. Why? What is the meaning of 
mission in Haiti, what are so many people doing in Haiti?

Haiti is not like the Bahamas and other islands in the Atlantic the masses are 
poor and unlearned. Whereas this is true to a degree in all the islands, Haiti 
stands out as a place of great history and greater sorrow.   

It is tearful to think of the things that have been done to Haitians, and more 
painful to think of the things they have done and continue to do to themselves. 
There are so many great stories about the Haitian revolution and the country 
that was born out of that revolution, and that includes the United States of 
America. The United States owes much to Haitians for the role in the 1776 
revolution that led to the formation of the United States. 

Haitians were used in Florida to fight the British, and the Haitians forced the 
sale of the Louisiana Territory to the United States. But the Haitians have 
never had support of the United States as a partner trying to build a nation. 
The United States has had the CIA run the country or some person whose only task 
was to keep the Cubans out. 

Haitians have been exploited by many in many ways. The country has been divided 
into the 'haves' and the 'have nots', and the missionaries have made beggars and con 
men out of the rest. They have been used as a laboratory to train people for 
human control projects. They have been tested and experimented on as a government 
and a people. 

They have learned not to trust themselves or anybody else. They build walls 
around their houses and their hearts. They are a hurting people of sorrow. The 
mission stations teach little or nothing about their great history as warriors 
and people of conviction. 

The Haitians are the most tenacious and resilient  people in the world. They 
work hard for every little bit, but they appreciate with all their heart anything 
done for them. We must find ways to help the president, President Malley to 
educate his people. Education is freedom and the Haitians will never be free of 
the so-called missionaries until they are free. 

We can't gag them in the name of taking care of them, or
treat them as chickens we are raising for eggs. We must supply them
with the tools needed for a way up, not just a way out. 

If we are not there for liberation and freedom for all Haitians we all should 
leave. Liberation through education ought to be our mission.   
 Robert Smith Jr.