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Haiti Where Man Meets God


I was not able to go to Haiti for seven months after going in and out for five consecutive months working on a number of problems. I had been there in October in an effort to bring food for the mission at a time when the nation was starving. People were eating grass and clay dirt things were so bad.

Then I was there with the Dr. Randy Vaughn of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc. trying to connect with the Haitian government to establish a None Government Service Organization (NSO). That was a most exciting time because we were there on the night of the election of the first African American to the Presidency of the United States of America all the world seems to have been celebrating the election of Barrack Obama.

That was October and November of 08 and I was on my way back in December for my regular Christmas visit. We had a great Christmas at both the C& S Mission and the Mission Baptist’e Haiti School. The good people of Detroit Michigan and Birmingham Alabama had made it possible to be a blessing to both locations. All of the children of received special gifts and we had big Christmas dinners.

In January Dr. John Hearn ask me to go back with him for what he believed would be his last trip to Haiti, his doctor had ask that he not travel out of the country any more because of poor health. He wanted to have a board meeting of C&S Mission and have it on campus. So, I was right back in January for a fourth consecutive monthly trip.


But then I received a call from Dr Vaughn about a trip to Haiti to deliver water filters to places where the water was not drinkable. I could not return down a historic trip like that one. We were able to go into the villages and mountains to take water filters. Dr. Vaughn had twelve men of his church with him. He is the Pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church of Port Author Texas his men were very excited and enjoyed every minute of the trip.

After making the five consecutive trips to Haiti I was reminded that my passport was expiring in May. My last trip was in February I wanted to go back in May so I applied for a new passport. Thought I had four passports before applying for this one they asked me to come to immigration and sign my application before an agent. I thought nothing of the matter and I when in to the post office and signed a new application.  It took seven months to return my passport to me.


But this is one of the ways that my eyes were open again in Haiti to the mighty powers of God. I came to Haiti because of an act of God that only God could demonstrate. I came after the hurricanes Ivan and Jeanne had devastated the nation. When I asked God how He could do such a thing, God asked me what I had done for the poor of Haiti . This is where man meets God.  It is at the point of opportunity that Man and God meets. When there is tragedy it is time for God triumph through man. When Man comes in to bring relief to the broken or the fallen it is God in action. Man can not and will not do good unless God inspires him to do so. Man at his best is not much more then a filthy rag and can not do good on his own.

After, we delivered 411 water filters and two 600 gallon water tanks to help the people have clean drinking water God sent 31 days of rain to clean the water that ran from the mountains to the  of the city. The people had clean water again and it was from the hand of God. “When you attempt great thing for God, you can expect great things from God.”

is a place where God and man meet to do great things. Come to Haiti and let your hand be the hand of God in the midst of His people. This I learned anew in my November trip of 09. I was there to assess the needs for my December Christmas trip.



From:               Emissary Rev. Robert Smith, Jr.

To:                   Foreign Mission Chairman of B.M. and E. State Convention

Date:                August 2009    

Re:                   Foreign Mission Efforts August 2008 – August 2009                




I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the people of God as Chairman of the Foreign Mission efforts of this great convention.  I made six trips to Haiti since our last meeting.


            I was in Port Au Prince, Haiti in September and October to bring food to the people of the people of Port Au Prince. The summer months are especially hard because the land as been raped for so many years without proper agricultural guidance.


I was there again in November with the leaders of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc. for the purpose of meeting with the Prime Minister of Haiti to form a None Government Organization (NGO) for the convention. The NGO with allow the convention to by-pass many of the complications that are a part of bringing goods to Haiti .


The convention President of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc. wanted to find the best ways for the convention to help the people of Haiti . Dr. William J. Shaw wants to do things that were not being done and help those that were doing things to do them better.       


Delegates to this meeting included ministers from across the United States and two university professors from the Texas Southern University. During our time there Mr. Barrack Obama was elected President of the United States of America . It was a historic hour and I felt God alone had worked out such a time that this day would signal new direction for the people of the United States in race relations and new direction in the life of the people of Haiti as partners with the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc. in advancing the Kingdom of God in Haiti.


I went back to Haiti in December with Minster Frank Sparks of the New Bethel Baptist Church of Detroit, Michigan. It was time for our fourth Christmas Party for the children of the C&S Mission. For the last four years we have made Christmas a every special time for the Children of the C&S Mission, this was started by (the late) Mr. John Mallard of New Bethel Baptist Church and has grown each year. The last two years the churches of the State Convention lead by the Moderators of each District have lead the way in our effort to give cloth, toys and food to the mission children.


We have been joined by the Boy Scouts of America lead by the Children’s Pastor of the New Baptist Church the Rev. Michael Evans. These young men worked all on their own to bring special gifts for the children of the mission that included things need to keep their bodies fresh and clean. Sister Monica Ingram of the New Bethel Baptist Church gave a special donation to the Christmas trip that made it possible for us to pay $250.00 for extra bags to be checked and carried with us on the trip.


Without special gifts from the churches of the State of Alabama and the State Michigan the things we have done for the schools and churches of Haiti would not be possible. Because of you Christmas for Christian children in Haiti has special meaning and many children of the Voodoo faith that have been taught that only White Christians of the United States come to help Haitians can see we are of color and of Christ.


We thank all the churches that help us across the country and we owe special thanks to The Pilgrim Community Baptist Church of Detroit and their Pastor Rev. Ollie Chambers for going the mile and having me to come to their church to make a presentation and they came to New Bethel to put on a foreign mission rally. The mission sisters Unity Baptist Church of Detroit, the sisters of the Pilgrim Baptist Church of Birmingham, AL, the sisters of the New Zion Baptist Church of Birmingham, AL and other churches that allow us to come and make a special presentation have made it possible for our work to be seen by the people that cannot go but they know by way of pictures and video what our work is like in Haiti. We invite all churches to have us over for a picture and video presentation.


I was back in January for an on site Board Meeting of the C&S Mission. Dr. John Hearns  of Detroit is the founder of the C&S Mission. Historical Point: in June 1992 Dr. Hearns called Dr. W. W. Williams, Dr. Odell Jones and Dr. M. B. Terrell of Detroit and Dr.. Ken Whalden  to help take some of the millions of children in Haiti of the streets and give them a chance in life.


As a result: there is a generation of children that are now young adults with positive and productive lives in Haiti . Seven are in the United States as college students or college graduates.


Dr. John Hearns had been told by his Doctor that his traveling days are over and he could not go to Haiti or drive an automobile again. So, Dr Hearns did what men do, he ignored his Doctor and called a Board meeting in Haiti . He was to be his last trip and he wanted everybody there. However, he has been back, as you might have known. “That’s a black man for you”.


Proudly, one of the Board members is a man that was one of the first children in the C&S Mission, he is now a college professor in Tampa Florida . The other Board Members include a Detroit man that has dedicated his life to missions in India , Africa, and now Haiti . He is giving the mission four months a year and he has money and skills; a rich White Woman from Orlando Florida with the faith of a mustard seed that does not fear anything or anybody in Haiti or the world.


The purpose of the meeting in January was to sure up the future of the C&S Mission. Dr. Hearns wants to make sure the property is used as a Mission for homeless children for the next hundred years and not sold to anyone for any other use or purpose.


The next trip was in February and it was the most exciting of all the times I have been to Haiti . The President of the National Baptist Convention was on the trip with me. We met in Miami and flew down together. Dr. Randy Vaughn of Port Author Texas and Director of Disaster Relief for the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc. was the originator of the trip that took water filters to seven stations across the country of Haiti . We were eye-witness to the miracles. We saw undrinkable water turned to drinkable water time after time and place after place. But the singing and praying of the saint in the churches in the brush will burn in our hearts for the next 1000 years. When we are in heaven the angels will have the people of Haiti join in the welcome choir as the saints come marching in.


The men of Dr. Vaughn’s church went as skilled technicians to put the 411 water filters to use. There was much singing and shouting. Dr. William J. Shaw preached in one of the big mother churches in the heart of the city. More than a 1000 men alone were there to praise God. Some of the people walked two days to be in the service. Many gave all they had to be a part of this historic meeting. Every stop was a time of rejoicing and praising.


I am hoping you will go to our website, and read all the reports and view all the pictures. There is much for you to see and read. Please invite me to come to your mission meeting and make a presentation.       





Haiti Where You See the Hand of God


As men we wonder often about the presence of God in the daily affairs of man. There are many times when we feel the agony of Job and want to ask God where you are and are you aware of things happening to me?  There are we times when we feel the defeat and dismay of Jeremiah and want to stop saying anything about God. And there are times we feel like the preacher in Ecclesiastics who would just count it all lost and find no meaning or reason for life.

But in Haiti you can see the hand of God as He comes into the country to help save the lives of people that have known only exploitation. To get off the plane and see the missionaries coming from all over the United States and Canada to help with the many schools, medical and feeding programs is to see the Hand of God.


Many of these missionaries don’t know how to look a Black person in the eye or feel comfortable setting next to a Black person on the plane. But they are in Haiti helping people with the darkest of skin, only God could make such a matter as this happen.


To be in Haiti is to see first hand the I-thou relationship that God designed in the life of man. When you are in Haiti working with the least ones of the Western Hemisphere you move for beyond the I-It relationship we have with each other in the United States . Far to times our relationships in the United States even among the Brethren is a all about I-It or what can you do for me. We only count concern our selves about our feeling and benefits from a relationship and care nothing about the feeling of the person we are relating to.

Haiti allows you to feel the soul of the persons you minister to not as members of your congregation or fellow colleagues but as souls. You forget about the God of power, the one that rained plagues on the Egyptians and know only the helping God. You see Him in every eye you look in and feel Him in every hug you receive. You see the hand of God.      


The Haiti Earthquake God’s Call to Mankind


Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

It is God’s chosen way to draw men unto Him by love, the scripture teaches that “God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever, believeth on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16. God has not and will not punish hell out man to win Him but He loves the hell out people and they come to love Him because He first loved them. He died on Calvary and rose on a Sunday morning to show His love for mankind. 


There is lot of bad theology going around by ignore and unlearned men. They try to convince people that you don’t need to do unto your brother as you would have him do unto you. They see the needs of the brother but dismiss helping him because they say God is punishing the brother because he is evil and has rejected God.

Poor, excuse. We all know that God is all “Powerful He is the Almighty God or no God at all. We know that. And we know that the wages of sin is death. If then, God is in charge and He is in charge; why are these things happening to Haiti ?  

My answer to you is that God, who does not cause tragedy in the life of His children, and all are His children by right of creation, but He will use tragedy in the life of His children to demonstrate His divine providence. He calls the Christian community into action when ever there is tragedy. The Hands of Man are the Hands of God. When the hands of man are business giving water to the thirsty, food to the hungry and bring healing to the sick it is all God’s doing. Man of himself is not cable of doing good deeds, but every good deed that he does is inspired by God.   

Mr. President I have made two trips to Haiti since my last appearance here. I was there in November of 09 to make an assessment of the needs of the two primary groups that I work directly with, the Caring and Sharing Mission and the Mission Baptiste` Covenant D` Haiti. I also work with other there through Dr. Randy Vaughn and the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc. Dr. Vaughn is in charge of the Disaster Relief department of the NBC USA Inc.


I found thing far better then when I was there in October 08 – February 09. The water all over Haiti was contaminated and I was bless to work with Dr John Hearn and Dr Randy Vaughn to deliver two 600 gallon water tanks and 411 water filters to churches and orphanages’ all over Haiti. When I returned in November 09, there was good drinking water everywhere the rains of October had washed away the contaminants.

When I returned in December it was for the annual Christmas in Haiti . For the last six years this has been our main project and the churches of the Michigan District Association always response in a very positive way. The churches of the BM&E response to the needs of this project also. 


The gifts were not has large as in the past but the meaning was the same. The year 2009 was a hard year for many of the churches in Detroit and they could give has they so desired but the Pilgrim Community Baptist Church , Dr. Ollie Chambers pastor was well prepared and gave a single gift of $2000.00. This made it possible for me to buy the $1059.00 plane ticket and paid for the extra bags I needed to carry over. December tickets are especially high because of the high volume of travel in the Christmas month. Most American Haiti go home for Christmas.


We were able to bring shoes, clothe, toys and food to the children of the C&S Mission and MBNCH. Minister Frank Sparks accompanied me and passed out the 400 pounds of candy to the people in both compounds.

Every worker at the C&S Mission and the MBNCH received their regular per visit gift, and a Christmas bonus.  I am thankful all of the churches of Detroit in both conventions and all districts for the love shown these least ones of God.


Please go to our website ( for all reports and documents on our mission, and you can have us to your Missionary Society meeting to show our complete system including all receipts from airline tickets to candy.

Some of the churches and individuals that gave to us for the December Christmas trip where: Messiah Missionary Baptist Church pastored by Rev. DR. O. Littlejohn, Second Mt Olivet Missionary Baptist Church pastored by Rev. Dr. Nelson and New Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church pastored by  Rev.  C. Holley. Individual gifts were given by Ollie Mae Smith, Monica Ingram, Kevin Hawkins, Kenneth Cox, Julia Huggins, LaDonne Johnson and  NBBC Sunday School.

I try not to ask the same people and churches all the time. It is very bad in the city of Detroit right now and in other cities for many of the people and churches. So, I try to rotate on the asking for help. But many churches do all the time and we are grateful


We had less then $3,700.00 for this Christmas in Haiti , compared to other years when NBBC alone gave $3200.00. But we made it work for the good of all of the children at the Caring and Sharing Mission, the workers at the C& S Mission and all the children and teachers at the Mission Baptiste New Covenant D’ Haiti.     

As you know on January 12th an earthquake hit Haiti with mass destruction in Port Au Prince. There are more then 200,000 dead and millions hurt and dying. The countries around the world have responded in every way, including donating over $880,000,000.00.


I have been able to work with several groups from BM&E churches to the Nation of Islam, the Shrine of the Black Madonna, and the New Black Panther Party to send over 20,000 pounds of ready to eat food, 400 cases of water, and medical supplies to the city of Port Au Prince through Congress John Conyers and Rev. John Hearns Jr.  

This is an on going work and just as I was going once a month before the earthquake I will be going continuously as things come to a norm of some sort. They will never be normal again.  With this great city and the love that is poured out by you I would not be able to go and do what God has sent me to do. I am here for you please tell me how I can serve you better as God’s man from Detroit in Haiti .





January 12th 2010 @ 4:46 p.m. Earthquake in Haiti


The world can to an end for 250,000 people in Port au Prince Haiti. For weeks people had been told that something was about happen to change Haiti forever. But that is always being said in this troubled land. It is like the street preachers I use to hear daily when I was living in New Orleans, daily young White Boys with big Bibles in their hands would scream until they had no voice, “ God is going to destroy New Orleans” you must change your ways and be ready for the end.


But we must understand that prophecy is always spoken in the immediate. You can’t preach that one day 5000 years from now …………. You must make your prophecy relevant by preaching the “NOW IS THE TIME” message prepare ye the way.


But it happen this day what a great tragedy in a city and country that knows tragedy better then most. A country that is in hurricane alley and is hit every year sometimes there or four times a year. But this was different; it was not wind moving at a high rate of speed the earth was moving. An earthquake that registering 7 points on the Richter scale open the bowels of the earth and many fell to death and millions lost their way.


What a tragedy! But tragedies are God’s business, we can not comprehend the why and how come of a tragedy we can only respond. God is all powerful and God is good. That being true we must conclude that God is in charge. God could stop the earthquake because God is all powerful. God is not evil, so we can conclude that God caused the earthquake to bring pain and suffering on His children or to evil people. God is a loving and God is in charge.


We can not know why it happen, we can not conclude that God was punishing sin, because it would not be even handed for God to leave the United States standing and knock down Haiti.  No, we can only respond.


The good news (Gospel) is that man is made in the image and likeness of God and history shows that in times of tragedy man responses with more beauty and brutality. The best in man comes out in times of tragedy. It was exactly that which brought me to Haiti six years ago. When I asked God the hard question, God asked me a harder question.

Seeing the damage to Haiti done by Hurricane Ivan just a month or less after it was hit by hurricane Jean, I asked God how can you do that to the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere.

God answered “what have you done for them?”  Enough said, if you going to ask God the hard questions be ready for the answer in question form.


It happen, now what? The people of the city of Detroit have put into my trust the response to the tragedy of the Haiti Earthquake. I have been going for six years working with the C&S Mission, founded by Dr. John Hearn and Rev. Olistin Estecoeur of the Mission Baptise New Covenant D’ Haiti. The last year I have joined Dr. Randy Vaughn and expanded the work through him and the National Baptist Convention.

I have been trusted by people of the Nation of Islam, the Shrine of the Black Madonna, the New Black Panther Party, the seniors of the Linwood and New Canter Area, little school children, big boys of the community, churches of the Baptist denomination and workers form different work places to do what I could do for the people of Haiti in this tragedy.


I must thank Kevin Hawkins, La Donne Johnson and all the members of NBBC that worked in the warehouse to receive the goods. We received more then 20,000 pounds of ready to eat foods, medical supplies, water and beds for the people of Haiti.

Rev. Dr. Otheia Branes Kennerly a hard working missionary to Africa call a person and had her donate the 500 roll- beds. Dr. Gwen Well-Burton and Dr. Deborah Franklin worked contacts to all special groups and news agencies. Mr. Leo Gordon put together a team of hard working men a woman to organize the hauling and storage. Rev. John Brooks drove the 10 ton truck to deliver the goods to the staging site. Joann Woods of Focus Hope and BM&E State Convention provided the shrink wrap. Rev. Keith Nelson of the Second Mt. Olivet Baptist Church provided the pallets to hold the goods. He has great contacts for many resources.  There are too many to name them all but known and unknown person all gave a hand.


More then 53 individuals and groups gave to our effort to do good for the people of God in Haiti, God’s Least Ones. The Council Women Jo Ann Watson held a special rally in city hall to make known our effort and to raise money to aid us. The gifts were as small as a dime and as large as $1,500.00 dollars.

I have been able to give money directly to C&S Mission and to MBNCH to help with things they have had to deal with in their effort to survive the first dramatic day. I was able to rent a 10 ton U Haul, gas it up and move supplies for four days. I was able to buy the supplies need to make a four day stay, including a sleeping bag or should I say a big sleeping bag. I was able buy clothing and other needed items for the young lady that is staying with me from Haiti. I was able to buy 200 pounds of rice and beans to take with me directly to the compound.


I purchased a plane ticket and rented a van for the trip of February 4, 5, and 6. However, I did not get to cross over, Rev. Hearn Jr. was called to Washington and all plans changed for me and two others that were to cross over from Fort Pierce Florida.  Today as I type this report things are still up in the air and there is more uncertainty then certainty.

I am waiting to see if the first public passenger plane goes in tomorrow. American Airline has sold tickets for the 19th and they are sold out on every flight through the 26. If that flight goes tomorrow I will be purchasing two tickets for the February 28, 2010 and returning on March 4th. Delta Airlines will not return until April and I have tickets with them that I purchased before the earthquake.


Pastor Jim Holley as called to say that he wants me to go with him on a private plane some time between the 22nd and the 25th of February. I am willing and ready just as I have been for three other private flights but never made one.  I am ready to resume my visits every four to six weeks. I want to serve as your eyes, ears, hands and feet on the ground in Haiti. It is work that God has called me and I need your help to do it. I know you will be there for me because God does not give vision without provision.