Rev. Robert Smith's Haiti Mission
Haiti Mission
A Cry for Help

I am writing you because I need your help.

I, like many others, have been assigned by God to do work in Haiti. My heart is there and I cannot escape the sounds of pain and the sight of sorrow that I have seen and heard in my eight trips to Haiti.

I am working with two groups (Dr. John Heards of C&S Missions and The Rev. eStecoer Olistin of the Conception Ministry) of many that are at work in Haiti. I would not start another organization there to help because there is no need. The more I learned about Haiti the more I found churches and people of Detroit were already involved in great works there.
David Crum of the Detroit Free Press wrote a series of articles on the many groups from Detroit that work in Haiti. I have learned of the work of Detroit's Tabernacle Baptist Church, Oak Grove Baptist Church, Hope United Methodist Church, New Prospect Baptist Church, Russell Street Baptist Church and many others, including people such as Congressman John Conyers and other people not connected to the church.

Yes, there are plenty of people and ministries helping the poor of Haiti; indeed, a young philomath (lover of learning) at Harvard said to me that people like me, who have made his people "a nation of beggars," are helping in many ways.

Dr. Nellie Williams and Dr. John Kelly tried to interest me in the work 25 years ago. I was always a supporter of church foreign missions and led my state, both in Alabama and Michigan, many times, but this is different: I am not a supporter, but a missionary. I feel totally responsible for the lives of the children of two compounds in Haiti.

I will work at New Bethel until the Lord tells me things are set for the next generation. As long as there are a few more parcels of land to purchase and a million or two dollars to be raised, I will work so that New Bethel can turn Linwood upside down and make it a new
mecca. It will be my highest priority to fulfill this God-given assignment.

This Haiti mission is a cry for help. I must return as soon as possible and take money for the completion of the three-room school at the C&S Mission and pay for 12 teachers at the Conception Ministry. And, as always, there is a need for food. A real need.

Will you help?

It will help you to help.

"He who has a generous eye will be blessed, for he gives of his bread to the poor."
 -- Proverbs 22:9
Who will be blessing those that are generous? The Lord blesses us when we are generouswith what He has given us.

There are two aspects in being generous. First, we must not hoard what we have. When there is a need in our community, our church or even our family, we should not keep it to ourselves. Secondly, we should scatter what God has given to us. According to Proverbs 22:9, what does the generous person do? He gives bread to the poor; he scatters what he has to others.

"He who gives to the poor will not lack, but he who hides his eyes will have many curses."
-- Proverbs 22:27

John Bunyan wrote a short poem:
"There was a man,
Some thought him mad,
The more he gave,
The more he had."

This little poem describes the way God deals with those who are generous. He blesses us when we give to those in need. It seems interesting to me that in both cases, the word eye is used. Why might this be?
We must see with our eyes opportunities to be generous. One who is on the lookout for ways to share what God has given them is one who has a generous eye, an unhidden eye. When we minister to the poor, we are giving to the Lord. Blessings from Him will fall on us.

                                                                                Rev. Robert Smith Jr.
Haiti, the Last Stop Before Hell

On a stormy September night in Tupelo, Miss., the Lord brought home to me my mission for the last days of my earthly journey.
He had tried to reach me through Dr. Nellie Williams of Detroit and the Rev. eStecoeur Olistin. Dr. Williams, a faithful Christian worker in every level of the faith, from pastor's wife to denominational leader, had been asking me to go to Haiti with her for 20 years.  Rev. Olisitin had been asking me to do a revival at his church for a year or so.
I brushed them both off and gave money to the National Baptist Convention Foreign Mission Board and felt justified doing so. I even led my state in contributions on more than one occasion. I had Rev. Olistan come over for a Foreign Mission Day program at New Bethel Baptist Church and thought he would take what was collected and never call again.

He kept calling.

After seeing what Hurricane Ivan did to the people of Haiti -- people with nothing lost the nothing they had -- I felt the call to go to Haiti and give my all. I called Dr. Williams and told her whenever she went to Haiti, I would go. She wasted no time in getting Drs. Heards and John Kelly together for a trip. Soon, we would all be in Haiti with Rev. Olistin.

I told New Bethel Baptist Church's congregation what was on my heart and the church that started the Helping Hands Club that helped poor blacks get settled in Detroit after the hardships of the Jim Crow South of the '40s and '50s lined up behind me. There is no church like it in the entire world.

I decided to hold a two-night revival at New Bethel after the second Sunday in November of 1994. That Monday and Tuesday night I preached with everything in me. And on the night of the 15th at 9 p.m., I took off for Miami, Fla., and landed at 11:55 p.m. I did not find a room near the airport and slept there before meeting others for the 10:30 flight to Haiti the next morning.

There, I had my first meeting with small, but brave Mother Moffet. She has been with the C&S Mission from its inception. The mission is the brainchild of Dr. Heards and his close friends, Drs. M.B. Terrell, Odell Jones and W.W. Williams.

There was a need to do something to help Haiti, a place the National Baptist Convention USA Inc. has not seen the need to help in its 100-year history. NBC USA Inc. does have 98 mission stations around the world and, maybe, Haiti could be added if we all gave more.

The C&S Mission in Haiti houses 34 children, from ages six weeks to 21, at a time. The children are sent by the state or left by desperate mothers fearing for the life of their child. Even after residents leave the mission they are still tied to it. Many return often, seeking any kind of aid -- including food saved for them by the already poor mission house residents in the corner of a their food bowl -- they can get.

Dr. Heards and Mother Moffet have done a wonderful job with little help from the state, Catholics and good friends. All the children at the mission in this French-speaking country learn English and can translate for the government, church groups or others. They also learn the Bible and life skills to be utilized after they leave the mission. Four children from the mission are in the United States attending colleges.

Upon arriving, I met the kids of the mission and they moved my heart in a way I never felt before. I felt responsible for them right away. All 34 became my children. I tried to learn all I could about the mission that visit, thinking I'd do something big for them and not worry about them any more.

They eat something called burger, which is not the same as hamburger. Burger is an oat loaded with herbs and spices that must taste pretty good. They also eat meal, which cannot be construed as a fine meal. Both, which are provided by the mission or the state, are mixed with hot water and served three times a day. Each child has a bowl with his or her name name on it and eats what they find in it daily. On special days, they get a little piece of chicken or pork, but those times are few. The mission spends most of its funds on educating the children.

So, I decided the one big thing I could do for them was give them a meal like that never had before -- not just a mouthful, but a belly-popping feast.

I bought food from the Ya Y, a bootleg cafe in the neighborhood. The real cafes are on the Del Mars (main streets) and are unaffordable for the average Haitian. At the Ya Ya you can get lots of whatever there is. I tried to take a picture of the place, but the managers stopped me. Just take my word for it, it is like nothing you've ever seen, but you get lots of food.
Originally, I spent $150 in U.S. dollars (about $1,200 Haitian), but the word got out that a rich man was buying food and I soon was buying for the police and many others. I ended up spending about $300 ($3,000 Haitian), but I was told we were blessed to make it back alive and I should not leave the mission again soon.

The next night I wanted them to have an American treat, so they had pancakes and syrup. On later trips, John Mallard of New Bethel brought them ice cream, cake and hot dogs.

The children are now officially spoiled.

I asked Dr. Williams what would be the best way to permanently help and she said I could furnish the guest house she and her friends had built to entice others to come see the mission's work. So, I went to town, armed with the power of New Bethel, and talked myself into spending more and more until I even topped that by mentioning American Express. That's when it really got outrageous.

As a result, Dr. Williams brought three rooms of furniture for $3,200 and let me pay her at New Bethel before the whole congregation.

During my first trip to Haiti, Dr. Williams also took me to the home of an old grey-headed preacher, where we ate and went across the street to his big church and school. Dr. Williams wants to build a bigger school or college there costing thousands of dollars. She has the land and has blocked it off with a 12-foot cement wall as required by the government.

After five days visiting the C&S Mission, I spend three days with Rev. Olistin, who after all, is the one who kept calling until God (through Hurricane Ivan) sent me his way. Rev. Olistin has a large church with lots of people and is like a bishop in his denomination and has power over many churches. He can call a meeting that people from everywhere in the country must attend. I have seen him do many things other Haitians cannot do.

I promised Rev. Olistin $300 each time I visited Haiti, based on the work being done on the church and school. In seven trips to the country, New Bethel and friends have put a roof over the main church house and added pews and windows. When finished, the school, which has about  400 kids, will have 24 classrooms and big kitchens. It will also have its own water and bathrooms, which is a big thing in Africa.

What I have related is not half of what happened during my first trip of seven (which was originally only intended to be one). Dr. Williams has other stations in Haiti, so when Dr. Kelly arrived, we went to churches in the mountains and the brush. They are light years away from the U.S. Most people there don't speak English, most are not Christian (they believe in voodoo), and there are checkpoints along narrow roads populated by people that just don't look like they should have a gun or knife. I promised God and 10 other people of good standing that I would not go back into the mountains. I pray for the preachers there.

I have been to Haiti seven times and intend to go many more times. Great things have been done with the help of the Michigan District Association churches and the B.M. & E. State Convention. Tons of dry goods have been sent and many items given that we think so little of, but which mean so much to the Haiti boy or girl that has never had shoes or toothpaste.

I would like to thank The Revs. C. Powe, Jimmie Wafer, and N. Proche for going the extra mile and a half with me and, most of all, thank Dr. Heards for letting me be a part of his great work.

I will be going back to Haiti soon and I need your help. Call me at (313) 894-5788 or (313) 433-1606.
                                                                             Rev. Robert Smith Jr.
Out mission is to ensure that New Bethel Misssionary Baptist Church reaches out to meet the needs of its members and its community by spreading the good news about Jesust Christ and assisting them in developing a relationship with God and to study and promote home mission, foreign mission and Christian education and to provide opportunities for Christian service. The Department of Mission adheres closely to Matthew 25:23.

Baptist of Michigan in Haiti

I am blessed to be chosen by God and trusted by the Baptist of the State of Michigan as an Ambassador of God’s Will to Haiti. I am returning from my third Christmas trip were I go to make the children of the C&S Mission and the members of the Baptist Mission Covenant Church as happy as I can for Christmas.

Our work in Haiti began in November of 2004 after seeing the devastation of Hurricane Ivan and Jeanne on the small island of eight million of the world’s poorest people. God told me to do something about what I had read and taught to others about Matthews 25: 31-46. This was not God’s first attempt to send me to Haiti. Dr. Nellie Williams spoke to me for the Lord more twenty years earlier. The Rev. Oslistin of Haiti had been calling me for more then a year to come and take up the burden of building churches and schools in Haiti.

I heard neither as the voice of God but God does not give up on us, I raised money for the National Baptist Convention USA Inc. foreign mission department, I lead the states of Alabama and Michigan from time to time. But I was not going to a foreign mission field.

But today I am totally committed to raising the people of Haiti through the Word of God. I was question by Haitian lawyers on this last trip about my political intentions for Haiti. I had them know I only intent to raise the Word of God to the people and the people will do the things needed to bring justice and food to all.

I am thankful to the for the great Moderator of the Michigan District Association for his 100% support of then Haiti projects that I have asked him to commit to, he has gone all the way. He as mission station in Haiti and Africa but has never turn a deft ear to my cry.

We have a night for Haiti Mission in the week of our Association meeting that is a first for any Association. He agreed to have the three nights of mission revival for the Haiti Christmas and he made it a week of Moderators from across the city.

I am thankful to the participants of the week for their preaching, praying and paying this is history and must be written for the children of the next generation to know what good things God has done.

Thanks to ; Pastor Moderator       Mills and the            Assocition
                   Pastor Moderator Vice President        Jamsion and the         Assocition
                   Pastor Moderator       Mosely and the           Assocition

The week was a spiritual and financial success in every way.

More the $4,700.00 was raised for the week.

The C$ S Mission was given two checks for a total of $25000.00 dollars.
The $2000.00 will supply food and oil for three months or more and the $500.00 is for a special project that will complete the basketball court, but Dr. John Hearns has the final word on the best way to use any money. If the money is needed for anything else it will be used as needed. If not we will finish the court in February. Rev. Frank Sparks of New Bethel went with me and worked on the project and will return with me and three others to finish the project and other mason and carpenter work.

The children were given U.S. dollars from $3.00 to $20.00 to do their Christmas shopping for a total of $300.00. They also received $300.00 to by the big Christmas Dinner. The Boy Scouts of America Troop 121 lead by Minister Micah Evans sent more then 300 pounds of goods to the C&S Mission children and the good people of NBC send another 200 pounds of goods.

The children of C&S Mission received clothes, and personal wear of all kinds, you will have to see the pictures to appreciate all the things given. We have more then a 1000 pictures from all the trips, and we took eight disposable cameras and two disposable video cameras. We have pictures and DVD from the trip.

The Baptist Mission Covenant Church received two checks for a total of $1000.00. The $700.00 for the general operation of the school and mother church, will pay the teachers of the school for the last three months and on the work of beautifying the church sanctuary. The check for $300.00 was given to Pastor Oslistin for the transportation he has provided for me and the C&S Mission all year. Gas is $48.00 a gallon or $7.000 to $9.00 U.S., but he put it all in the school to help the teachers.

We took a box of socks with a 240 pair of athletic socks to Haiti and gave them out in packs of twelve. This will be the only foot cover for many. The socks were purchased for $120.00 from a wholesale street vender. We took 102 bags of hard candy a big treat for anybody in Haiti. Candy is one of the highest costing items in Haiti and everybody wants a piece. Three member of New Bethel send candy and we purchased 68 bags from the Shell Oil Station at 2 for $3.00.

Other details of our travel and cost of this trip:

•    Passport for Rev. Frank Sparks …$100.00
•    Plane ticket for Rev. Robert Smith Jr. $514.00
•    Plane ticket for Rev. Frank Sparks $474.90
•    DVD ‘s promotion $100.00
•    Travels goods from CVS $241.00
•    Travels goods from Wal-Marts $218.00
•    Travels goods from Costco’s $165.00
•    Candy from  Shell Oil $102.00
•    Tips and food in travel $170.00

Total spent on trip @ $5, 613.00
Total raised in three nights @ 4,700.00

We have receipts for most things that are receipt worthy, and we have pictures of all goods and activity.

Hope you will continue to support the work and help me do what it takes for your support.
Helpless but not Hopeless

I have heard little from the children in Haiti that I go down to bring hope to bi-monthly. The phone calls coming in are cut off and I can not get through on the lines I normally call on. But the children get through to me form time to time with a cry for help. They can only talk a minute and I can not call back on to the phone they called me on.

The United States has given 48 million dollars in aid to the government in the last two years and it helped to make things better for a while. The streets were being clean and people were in the streets feeling free to go and come. But the change came in the month of February when prices rose to the point that people were dying in the streets and I was in homes where no one had anything to eat 10 to 13 days before I came.

. The United States has put $200 million in the food bank to help world wide with the hungry problem today. The World Bank President Robert Zoellick called for $500 million and Dominique Strauss-Kahn warned that the riot in Haiti is only a warm up of the troubles to come world wide.

People are being killed in the streets as they try to get food to the compounds or behind their wall. In Port au Prince all homes are behind the wall of steel, concrete and glass. Everything you have must be protected from the hundreds of thousands of people on the streets with nothing at all no help and little hope. A U.N. soldier was killed while trying to deliverer food to his compound. And the side streets are dangerous now when they were considered safe in pass riots.

The people hate the Re’ne Pre’val government and they have taken down his Prime Minister but if things don’t change they will take him down by any means necessary.    

The problem in Haiti is a world wide problem for the poor, in Egypt and forty other countries people are starving. This can not be an accident the G 7 or is it 9 now have decided to make things in the entire world a matter of the have’s and the have’s not’s.

There fore the problem is helpless because the powers of the world will not help undo the thing they have worked at doing for the last ten or twenty years. The leader of the World Bank and the leader of International Monetary fund have tried to make a difference. But the guys on top enjoy what they are experiencing and want more of it; the more you have the more you want so the rich get richer at the expense of the poor by keeping them poor.

We can only hope that one day there will be one in Haiti and other nations that are so poor that will have the heart and wisdom to deliverer his or her people. That leader must find a way that all the goods of that nation will be used to service the people of the nation as one family.

The people of many of the oil countries have not seen the good of the oil sales as the few rule the many. But this will all end when all the poor decide that death is better then life.


A Challenge of Faith

My Fellow Laborer

I come to you as your servant and Christ’s slave. I have a calling, one I received or recognized in the dawning years of my life. Because of the lateness of the hour I have to do all I can to push ahead in the work of the least ones.  

I am in Haiti six to seven times a year to answer my call to the least ones. Dr. John Hearns and Dr. W.W. Williams allowed me to become a partner at the C.& S. Mission they started in 1982 with Dr.Nelle Williams and the late Dr. M.B. Terall.

This is a great work, they house 30 to 50 children from age 6 to 18 at have no home in Port au Prince Haiti. They do everything they can to prepare the children for the mean world they must live in, even getting them to the United States for school or work. There are five in the U.S. studying at major universities now.

I went to Haiti at the persistent call of Rev. Olistin Este’cour. His work is all over thee country of Haiti and I work with his school in Port au Prince. This work reaches over 700 little children that will not be educated without this school. I preach at the church every night, while in Haiti.

It is time for me to return, I am blessed to have followed C.L. Franklin. He taught his people to give to the least ones. I have been allowed to represent the Michigan District Association, and the BM&E State Convention as the Foreign Mission Secretary. I am thankful for this privilege.

I ask that you will give a $100.00 from your kind heart to help me on my September trip. I want to do many things for the C&S Mission and the school of Pastor Olistin on this trip.

I need to stock the food pantry at C&S for the fall. Food can not be a concern for the child trying to learn. I want to get bedding for the children dormitory and paid the teachers for the fall.

I can do all of this and buy a big goat for a feast on my last day with only $3000.00, you can make it happen. Please Do.

You can reach me at 313 433 1606, I am waiting to hear from you.

Yours truly,
Robert Smith Jr.

Haiti, land of the least ones 
I made my fourth and last trip to Haiti for the year. I cannot get Haiti out of my system; there is something about it that eats at me night and day. Haiti is always on my mind, the poor of Haiti are always on my mind.

I read account after account of the history of Haiti, trying to understand everything I can about the people and how they became known as the nation of beggars. Haiti has the most AIDS, the most malnutrition and the most infant mortality in the Western Hemisphere. And now it is becoming a new drug lane for Columbian drugs to reach the West, including Europe.

The island called Hispaniola was explored by Columbus in 1492, the native Arawaks fell to the Spanish rule, but were soon taken over by the French. The French exported sugar cane products using 480,000 slaves. However, the slaves were not the same as the ones in America or the United States; these slaves were willing to die. And because they were willing to die, they threw of their oppressors. 

In 1791 Pierre Dominique Toussaint L'Overture revolted and gained independence by 1801. The final independence came after Jean Jacques Dessalines was triumphant in putting down the last French resistance.
The United States and the United Nations has had a heavy hand in the affairs of Haiti from 1915 until today. After one failed rule and then another, the U.N. or the U.S. has had troops and advisers running the country as much as it came to be ruled. There are 9,000 U.N. troops there now; some have had sex with Haiti females as young as 3 for one Haiti dollar.

The name of the country is The Repulique d' Haiti, the president is Rene Preval and the prime minister is Jacques-Edouard Alexis. They were elected this February. How long they last will depend on the U.N. and U.S. and their involvement.

There are 8,706,497 people in Haiti, 1,754,000 in Port Au Prince. Two thirds have no formal job. But they are a proud people that will not let their hunger cause them to turn their country over to international developers. No company can do business there without a 50 percent Haitian partner. So, most companies just wait to come.

In September of 2004, Hurricane Jeanne killed 2,400 in Haiti. Twelve of the 14 major hurricanes of record have hit Haiti. I started going there after Jeanne. But I cannot stop now, I am supporting two projects.
There is a mission started by a little old lady and a little old man from Michigan that takes in children with nowhere to go. The children are without a father and mother and their relatives turn them out on the streets or to the many mission stations in Haiti. There are too many children for the many mission stations.

This mission known as the C&S Mission (Caring and Sharing) has 48 children today. The mission has taught them all English and sent 10 to the U.S. to finish college. This is a great work and I have devoted my life to keeping it alive.

The other work I support is the Mission Baptist Covenant Church; there are 10 churches and one school. The pastor called me and called me and called me until I came to see his mission. He takes me all over Haiti through the worst conditions to see the work and to preach to the people.

I hate the violence of Port Au Prince, but I hate even more the ride to the mountains and the bush. But the pastor has people, thousands of people, and is building church houses and schools for them all.

I was questioned for the first time on this last trip about my political intention in Haiti. I am not there to run for office or place a certain person in office. I am there that the children of the next generation will have justice and love in their hearts. And when they become the leaders of their country, justice can rule. Even in the land of the least ones.
Why Haiti as a Mission Field?

“God does not comfort us to make us comfortable only, but to make us comforters.”                                                                           Dr. John Henry Jowett

A young scholar attending Yale University said to me “it s people like you that have made my people a nation of beggars and con men”. I was floored. I was telling him and others the of my work in Haiti and passion that God had given me for the work. And I expected him to thank me and join me in my effort to find others that would go on the mission field with me. Are give me connections that I could use in Miami or Haiti.

The history of Haiti might help one to understand the state of things in Haiti and how they got to be the way they are today. If you know a little history it can go a long ways in helping to understand and even accept some things in life. History can tell you about the present times and help you shape the future. “If you know where you have been, then you know where you are and can determine where you want to go.”

The first and only people to free themselves from slavery are the Haitians. The first nation in the Western Hemisphere to free it self from the oppression put upon them by the European invaders were the Haitians. The American Indian failed even to this day. And the Africans that were brought over by the oppressors to be slaves for the oppressors could or could not free themselves. Their slavery only ended with the civil war almost a hundred years later lead by white men like General Grant of the Union Army and Stonewall Jackson of the Confederate Army.

 The Haiti’s leader was the great inspirer of men, perhaps the greatest that ever lived, Pierrie Dominique Toussaint L’Overture. He could order his men to walk off a cliff to their death without exchanging a word. He led his people the sugar cane slaves to independence by fighting to kill every slave master from 1791 to 1801. By the year 1804 Jean Jacques Dessalines completed the revolution and established the Nation of former sugar cane slaves into the independent nation of Haiti.

Today, no outsiders can own property in Haiti nor can he establish a business without a 50% Haitian partner. However, all is not well and has not been for a long time, since 1836 the United States as run in and out of Haiti many times attempting to control the people and the nation by putting their strong man in place. This interference by the United States and a long line of dictators has led to the poor conditions in Haiti today.

The people have seen only hardship for the last seven-five years and never know when a good thing is going to come again if at all. They see the times change so fast and so much they don’t know what or who to believe. They only have for sure is the moment before them.
The people of this country that call themselves Christians can not please themselves by building great cathedrals and commodious palaces and focusing on worship and forgetting to serve the world after being equipped and enabled by worship. We can not substitute our worship centers for country clubs.

Too much of what we do now is not what the Bible teaches. The modern church and its peregrine ways as lead to church being sugar for the saints and not salt for the earth. The church most focus on being the light of the world an the salt of the earth, and there is no better place than ignominious government of Haiti. The people need light and the government needs salt.

Light to show the way to brotherly love and salt to draw out corruption. That is the order of god to His children. Go to Haiti and all dark corrupt places and show the way. That is the sermon Jesus had in Matthew 5: 13- 16th and Jesus is preaching the same sermon to the churches of the United States today.

Not bombs and bullets for Iraq but bread and butter for the children of Haiti. The Haitians have no oil, no diamonds, and no rich minerals for the world to exploit. So, no country is fighting for the control of Haiti, therefore the church must be the force that moves in and build the city that can not be hid.

The gospel is like a lion. It doesn’t need to be protected, it needs to be turned loose. 

May 25, 2008

U.S. Embassy (Consular Haiti)
104, Rue Oswald Durant, Tabarre
Port-au Prince Haiti
Dear Sir/Madame:

This letter is to make a formal request to permit Yasmine Joachim to travel to the United States from July 19, 2008 through  July 26, 2008.

I am the senior Pastor of the historic New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. USA . All of her expenses for this trip will be paid by the Church.  

Yasmine Joachim has been a resident of the Caring and Sharing Mission for almost her entire life. My Church and I have been supporting these children for the past couple of years.  Yasmine is now the overseer of the Mission in the absence of the Administration.
Yasmine Joachim is invited to the United States by New Bethel Church to share her experiences with us. She will return to Haiti on July 27, 2008 in time to continue her task at the Mission. Yasmine is trust worthy of this opportunity.

New Bethel Church will provide all the assistance needed to make Yasmine’s trip successful.

In her absence Yonel Ismael, her assistant, will be in place to manage.

Your consideration to grant Yasmine Joachim permission to travel to the United States will be greatly appreciated.

 If there are any questions or concerns please contact my office.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Robert Smith, Jr.
Senior Pastor
(313) 894-5788 Office
(313) 433-1606 Cell
(313) 894-2929 Fax
 You Make the Difference

The world is a mean hard place for most. The people of the United States are the most blessed and most charitable. The great people of this country gave more than 8 billion dollars in charitable gifts last year. Most of it was given by people making less than $100,000.00 a year, just every day laborers and hourly workers.

There are some 1200 children world wide that die every hour from preventable causes. The question to you is can you make a difference? Are you willing to do something to help some of these “least ones of God” live? Matthew 25 tells us when we do for the least ones we do for Christ.  And the reward is eternal life.

The Haiti Mission is the opportunity for you to help with the least ones. I am blessed to be the missionary of the B.M.E. and the Michigan District Association to Haiti. There we support two great works. One began by Dr. John Hearns and friends of Detroit Michigan. The other started by the Rev. Olistin Estecoeur each of these works have been support by the churches of Detroit for the last three years. I make the journey every six to eight weeks.

The work done can be seen in the photo album and on the video please take time to look through the album. You will delight and rejoice but more than likely you will be moved to do something to make a difference.

We can run the missions for $2400.00 a month, both missions. You can change the world of the children of the mission. The Michigan District Association is challenging you to make a difference.

Give an annual gift of $1200.00 or commit to a monthly gift of $100.00 what you do will make a difference. What you fail to do makes a difference also.  

Make a difference in a positive way give a gift today.

Make your check to the Michigan District Association in care of the Haiti Mission Alliance.

Yours in Hope
Robert Smith Jr.







Haiti:  Christmas 2008



I am glad to report to the friends and family that make my fourth Christmas trip to Haiti a great one. I see thing different now in Haiti sense I when with the Delegation of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc. last month. I got a chance to see hoe the other size of Haiti live at the expense of the many a few live very good.



I had been take to the well guarded homes of one or two people that we had hope to get support from but not to the four star hotels and Prime Minister’s home. The world of Haiti is like most of the world where the have’s have more as the have not’s have less.



The churches of Detroit were the lone supporters for this trip, even though Detroit is worst off than most of the country. We are doing so bad that the football team can not win a game. Our unemployment is the highest in the nation and we will be the last to recover whenever a recover comes. But the churches gave anyway.



The Christmas was great for the children of the C&S Mission and the Haiti Baptiste Mission. There were big smiles left on every face of the workers and the children of these great works. We own much to Pastor John Hearns and Pastor Estcecor Oslistin for their great work and the opportunity to serve with them.



That the C & S Mission we were able to bring to the children 200 pounds of gifts and personal care items collected by La Donne Johnson and Monica Ingram of the New Bethel Baptist Church. We had to leave 100 pounds in Fort Lauderdale Fla. , after paying an extra bag cost of $250.00 to Northwest/Delta airline to take them to Miami Fla. The International Flight on American Airline would not allow extra bags.



Rev. Frank Sparks who was traveling with me as he did last year was wise and every helpful in fining a friend in the porter or skycap. The skycap kept the bags until I could call a friend in Texas to call his friend in Fort Lauderdale to secure the bags until we return in January. Knowing God only made the arrangements, it was God that brought me to Pastor Vaughan of Texas ; I traveled with him to Haiti and saw his great work of 16 years here last month. He had friends in Fort Lauderdale that he could reach and ask a big favor and he did so, telling me to go on to Haiti and don’t worry about nothing.



You can go to the Media portion on our web site and see the picture from all of our trips to Haiti , you will be moved by what you see. And you can read all of our reports. You can Google and You Tube us for the geek crowd.



We tried to be a blessing to as many people as possible giving three to five U.S. dollars to people we passed on the streets and in the market places with out anybody knowing for fear of robbery or riot. Personal crime for survival as taken the place of political crime, people are kidnapping anybody that can bring a dollar or two for a day.





The streets look better this trip, there are traffic lights in more places but most people don’t obey them. We saw dumpers being emptied and there was less pain in the eyes of most people in the streets. Yet hunger is the number one enemy, so little land that was not raped during the French colonial days, when all the French did was rape the land for it resources.



They need help in land restoration and the equipment to farm the land that is good and produce in mass. This is the land of the most exploited people in the world. The world took and never gave back; it is your time to make a difference.



New Bethel Baptist Missionary Baptist gave us $1,500.00 that we applied to our plane tickets for the trip. The cost of the tickets came to $1895.00.  We flew Northwest/Delta to Miami got a van to take us to Fort Lauderdale for a cost of $57.00. We arrived at mid-night on the 16th in Miami and left Fort Lauderdale at 8:05 a.m. to land in Port Au Prince at 10:20 a. m. where we were met by our friend Pastor Olistin.



We went to the C & S Mission to meet the children with four f the six bags of dry goods and gifts that were gather my the good people of New Bethel, I was so touch not only what was given but by the ones that gave. Many of the poorest people in the congregation gave gifts and goods to the poorer people of Haiti .



I gave directly to Pastor Hearns a check from the Messiah Missionary Baptist Church for $1,500.00. This was a moving heart fill moment because this money was raised by the youth of the church saving their change. This gift of love is a demonstration of the good things children will do if we love them enough to work with them.



I was able to give each worker and teacher of the C&S Mission a gift of $20.00 U.S. dollars. That is $160.00 Haitian dollars; remember the United Nations reports on hunger shows that the average Haitian lives on 54 cents a day or a hand full of rice is the normal pay. We were able to give these gifts to the entire worker force at both stations because of the $823.00 gift from the Pilgrim Community Baptist Church . This is the leading church in gifts to the C & S Mission. They stand ready to give at all times and their Pastor has the heart of love that is felt by all that come in contact with him.



We had $600.00 dollars to the Mission Baptiste Haiti , and their leader the Rev. Olistin. We received this money from two of the best men in Detroit the whooping machine we call Demon Mosley and the country preacher Dr. Jim Holly Ph.D., they made direct and personal gifts to the cause of the least ones of Haiti . I am thankful that I can call on them anytime.



On our last day we send out for a goat, that means happy time for the kids of the Mission . We watched the goat being prepared for death but could not watch the death. The Haitians love goat and eat every inch of it, with rice and beans and lots of herbs. We bought two twenty pounds boxes of chicken also for Christmas Day. We gave money (3 to 10 U.S. dollars) to every child for a little shopping trip of their own.  But all the children had a bag of personal gifts from the good people of the churches of Michigan all ready.











That the Mission Baptiste Haiti School we had a graduation and Christmas Party. What a good time the little children 4 to 7 were given gifts and report cards. And we play music and danced for hours. The big lunch closed things out, the bread was big what was in the beard was small and hot.