Haitians Have No Voice

Poor Haitian Have No Voice


Today was another day like most in Haiti; the poor are left on the side lines. All the news is about Bill Clinton not meeting in Haiti and Sarah Palin coming to Haiti. But no one is hearing the voice of the people in the streets.


There is no desire to set and talk with the people.  Many of the supporters of the popular singer that would be president, Michel Martelly have gone to the streets in violence. But no is trying to convince them that the elections are fair. They will kill many bystanders and be killed themselves but not heard.


The outsiders come in and do great missionary work many of them without ever learning the names of most of the people they help. The poor are only allowed to say thanks and smile big. The politicians use the poor to bully their opponents but no one ever ask them want do you want?  


It is time to treat the Haitians like human beings.