Haiti Left Behind


Haiti Left Behind


Haiti inspired the West Indies with the idea of freedom. Not just in words but deeds. After proclaiming their independence in 1804, Haiti provided Simon Bolivar “El Libertador” with Haitian soldiers and vital material support on the condition that he abolish slavery in all of Latin America.


Now, Haiti needs everybody to help them overcome years of punishment by the nations of the Western Hemisphere. The earthquake of 2010 has drawn attention to this place that has been called “the nation that ate itself.” People are there from around the world to see how this nation has been punished much in the same manner as Titan Prometheus.


In Greek mythology a craftsman named Prometheus gave fire to man against the will of the gods, they punished him by chaining him to a rock on a high peek and letting an eagle come and eat his liver out and then causing the liver to grow back so the same thing could be repeated daily.


Because the Haitian made know to all that “all men are created equal” and cost slave owners and businessman in the Western Hemisphere to lose the best thing they ever had Haiti has been left to eat itself.


Today the need is heavy equipment, John Deere has given $250,000.00, Kubota of U.S.A. has given $50,000.00, Kubota of Japan has given $110,000.00 and Caterpillar has given $200,000.00 at this rate the Haitians will have to continue to depend on Missionaries like myself to bring beans and rice.


I have been in Haiti for six years and I see many of the 48,000 or more missionaries on every trip. But we are putting Band-Aids on sores will anybody treat the root cause of the problem “isolation?”