Deciding On A New Haiti

Deciding On a New Haiti



There is 40 million cubic meters of rubble to be move in Haiti and recycled. I watched volunteers from North Carolina and South Carolina this week move the rubble my hand. The last trip I watched people from Frances and Canada do the same. There are people there from everywhere doing what they can to help. Working with the people of the community and the government of Haiti but most of all with the great organization like Score International that is there to coordinate the relationship between volunteers and the community groups that need help.


When I was coming in from the airport up interstate 94 I saw all the equipment that is used in the United States that allows the old concrete to be recycled and asked myself how I can help get some of that kind of equipment and big farming equipment to Haiti. The people right now are working with their hands and old fashion elbow grease. The big equipment is still being put in place but the questions out number the answers.


There was a UN conference of donors on Wednesday that raised 15 billion U.S. dollars in pledges as my Haitians friends say “U.S. dollars”.  The millions in tent cities that face the water borne diseases that are a part of the rainy season need the relief to come now, but the big money have to come to the table and get out to the needy ones.


Who are the needy ones? Are where do you start in the country where one city Le’ogane was 80% destroyed. There are 105,000 building completely leveled and 208,000 severely damaged.  There are 50,000 hospitals and healthcare units that are not unusable.


Haiti’s President and Prime Minister and their colleagues presented a national strategic plan to guide relief efforts as well as reconstruction. President Rene’ Pre’val  said “Let  us dream of a new Haiti, whose fate lies, in a new project.”


UN Secretary Bin-Ki- Mun said “A Haiti where the majority of the people no longer live in deep poverty, where they can go to school and enjoy better options than going without jobs or leaving the country all together.   


 But according to some the country is not presented properly, the Jamaica Observer editorial said that CARICOM the organization that represents all the Caribbean Island at Haiti is a formal member of was there for Haiti but not the Haitians themselves. It was a donor’s conference and the CARICOM did not have anything to give so their voice was not loud. 


Haiti has been punished for 206 years, because they defeated French imperialism, the United States occupied the country from 1915-1934 and has put the strongest dictators in power to hold the country for United States security in the region. Haiti has not had the freedom to just be Haiti a democracy.


Haitians must demand the best from their leaders and the elite. Haitians that have mendicant mentalities must go to work with the volunteers and move rubble by hand. Things will happen for the good of those that decide I am not going to just look on. I may not be hired but I can help my community by working with the volunteers. It is bad in New Orleans and Port Au Prince to see volunteers working as locals look on. Self-determination and generosity never go unrewarded. This week I was a young Haitian join volunteers from Score International removing rubble at a site where a church was leveled. Most Haitians came to sell something or be hired. Some just come hoping for a crumb of bread or fruit left by some volunteer.  But this young man joined in and worked hard asking nothing.


The next he shown-up that the volunteers camp site and brought bracelets he had made over night, the volunteers paid him five “U.S. dollars” for the bracelets he would have had to barter hard on the streets to get one “U.S. dollar”. 


The government must move now to show they are not weak and ineffective, nor vicious and rapacious. The elite must remove its proboscis from everything in Haiti, they must stop believing that they have the right to give what they want and take want they please. The thing that the Revolutionist hoped for has yet to come, when all Haitians are respected not by skin color or wealth but as human beings. Both the “Elite of Haiti and the Missionaries must remember the people in poverty are not chickens we are helping to raise; they are humans in the image and likeness of God.


The UN must help them get back to growing their own food. The United States rice trade must be replaced by Haitian rice. If the Haitians had the equipment they can and will grow their own rice. I have seen them working with no modern equipment, just back bone and will. They want to work. The UN must make highways to replace to roads and trails they have how from one major market to the other.


We cannot marginalize the people in building a new Haiti and we cannot stand by and let the old Haiti be rebuilt.