Christmas 09

Date: December 16, 2008 - December 19, 2008

 New Bethel Baptist Missionary Baptist Church send Minister Frank Sparks to Haiti with Pastor R. Smith Jr to deliver gifts and food the the children of the C&S Mission. This was the fourth Christmas that the church has made Christmas special for the children of the mission.
Mr. John Mallad was the first to do so by giving five hundred dollars for the children in Dec. of 04. Now, many of the churches of Detroit give to help make Christmas a special time for the children of the mission.
The event is the goat meal. The children like most Haitians love goat, so after all the gifts are given and a prayer service is held it is time to kill the goat. After a time of preparing the goat with special herbs it is boiled and mixed with beans and rice. The children eat until there is no more and sleep it off through the night.
Frank Sparks
Phone:313 433 1606