Haiti Mission

It is my prayer that you will be inspired to become a part of the life giving ministry that is our Haiti Mission. As you look at the work, places and faces in the pictures ask God to lead you in helping the best way possible.
I travel to Haiti once a month, unless it is not possible for some reason, to make sure the needs of our children and churches are being met. You can make a difference by giving to the New Bethel Baptist Church Mission Department, the Michigan District Association, or the Mission Baptiste New Covenant D' Haiti. You can make your check directly to the mission stations or to New Bethel Baptist Church it will be used to the glory of God.
Our work in Haiti continues to grow and grow, we are working with 14 pastors and their call to lift their people in Haiti. We have connected to many Haitians in the United States to put on projects that go beyond a hand out to a hand up. You can help in any way you feel led to, prayers are just as powerful or more so than dollars. Your prayers will take money out of the hands of the unsaved and put it in the hands of the people of God.

May God bless you!
Rev. Robert Smith, Jr.